Phyllis Lynch and Friends Live Music Price Structure and Payment Policy

These are Basic Fees which would need to be confirmed for any specific gig, as we specialize in customizing to the clients ideas and taste. See our Booking and Payment policies for addtional information. Scroll down for Wedding Receptions and Music for Any Occasion.

Wedding Ceremony (First Hour)

  • Solo Musicians: $300

    • PIANO (Digital Piano or Keyboard provided if not furnished on site; Needs access to electricity within 50 feet. Includes amplification if needed on digital or electronic equipment.) Some Venues have excellent pianos available and would qualify for a discount.
    • CHURCH ORGAN (not home electronic organs without a full 32-pedalboard
    • GUITAR -- Needs access to Electrical Power. Classical/Acoustic/Fingerstyle/Solo
    • VIOLIN Acoustic Instrument does NOT need electricity.
    • VIOLA
    • CELLO

    A mileage charge will apply for gigs outside of Indianapolis area

    Extended-Time Rate of: $100 per musician per hour, or $50 per musician per half hour would be applied if adding a Cocktail Hour or if wedding is a full Catholic Mass that requires more than one hour.

  • Duo (2-Instruments or Vocal): $525

    • Violin and Piano/Keyboard
    • Two Violins
    • Violin and Cello
    • Violin and Guitar
    • Piano with Vocals

    ** Note: a Recommendation of which ensemble will sound better will depend a lot on your desired music genre or musical taste.

  • Trio (3-Instruments): $675

    • String Trio (Violin, Viola, Cello)
    • Piano Trio (Violin, Cello, Piano)
    • Guitar Trio (Violin, Cello, Classical Guitar)
  • Quartet (4-Instruments): $825

    • String Quartet (2-Violins, Viola, Cello)

    (We have an extensive library including not only Classical, but many genres including Contemporary)

Cocktail Hours, Receptions, Dinners, Open Houses & All Other Occasions

Note: Cocktail Hours & Receptions and events directly following another event with Phyllis Lynch Music and the same musicians and instruments are used, the rate of the additional portion would be calculated with the “Extended Time” rate of: $100 per hour per musician, $50 per Half-Hour per musician

We play most Music genres, including: Jazz Standards, Pop, Rock, Country, Celtic, Sacred, Contemporary, Broadway, R & B, Big Band, Swing) NO Rap, No Hip-Hop, Classical only with some instrumentation.

Booking Policy

A deposit of $100 is required to reserve your date, time, and instrumentation.